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Our exciting 'eat local' project takes place at the restaurants, where the fare from these family farms are featured on the restaurant menus -      


18780 Foggy Bottom Road

Bluemont, VA


Who’s Your Farmer? Great Country Farms is the destination for u-pick and family fun on the farm.  Join us each season for a wagon ride to u-pick strawberries, blackberries, peaches, apples or pumpkins. When you grace your table with freshly picked produce, you nourish your body and soul.  Our jumping pillow, giant slides, friendly farm animals and cow train are sure to fill a day with memories to last a lifetime. Award-winning CSA memberships now available. Open Daily, May-October 9am-6pm.

39524 Rickard Road

Lovettsville, VA 20180


Dog Star Farm is a small family owned farm in Lovettsville founded by three Golden Retrievers and now under the supervision of a Great Pyrenees and Labrador Retriever. We are focused on raspberry production and have 13 rows of the sweetest local varieties, including Anne, Autumn Britten and Josephine. All berries are hand-cultivated without the use of any sprays. Berries are handpicked within the day of delivery. The only way you can get them fresher is if we drive faster!

16089 Purcellville Rd

Purcellville VA 20132


At Kerry Knoll Farm, we are passionate about how the food we eat is raised. That’s why we started producing our own lamb, eggs and chicken at our small farm in Purcellville. Our sheep are grass-fed and grass-finished on pasture. Our chickens and layer hens are also pasture-raised with organic, non-GMO feed. All of our animals are raised in a humane, stress-free environment that naturally results in great-tasting food.

21100 Grey Fox Lane

Leesburg, VA 20175


Independence Homestead is a family farm in Leesburg set apart by its natural, sustainable farming practices, including the use of rotational grazing, heritage livestock breeds, and non-GMO feed. We produce free-range chicken eggs and duck eggs, pastured poultry (duck & chicken), heritage pastured rabbit, and heritage woodland-raised pork. Taste the difference that comes from healthy livestock living in a natural environment with plenty of room to roam!

42343 Spinks Ferry Road

Leesburg, VA 20176


Loudounberry Farm of Lucketts is a small, family-owned hydroponic vertical farm, employing more than 170 towers to grow over 10,000 plants on less than 1/4 acre. Using proven natural principles, we are committed to producing the cleanest, freshest, healthiest locally grown fruits and vegetables. We use no soil, 90 percent less water, 70 percent less land and 50 percent less fertilizer than traditional farming. We also raise quail, partridge and chickens with non-GMO feed and no growth hormones, stimulants or antibiotics.

37864 Long Lane

Lovettsville, VA 20180


Spring House Farm in Lovettsville proudly provides customers with high-quality, award winning pasture-raised forest-finished pork, grass-fed beef, meat goats, rabbit and honey.  Our mission is to operate a sustainable, ecologically friendly farm dedicated to providing the finest foods that our earth can naturally produce.  We actively support the local food movement through our Gourmet Meat CSA, while also providing premium meats to restaurants on the east coast.

17827 Tranquility Road

Purcellville, VA 20132


We are a new farm, established with the belief that well-nurtured, naturally sustained soil is the best foundation for high-quality products. Without using chemicals, we grow blueberries, strawberries, mulberries, wineberries and over 75 varieties of vegetables, available through our on-site farm stand (open May-October, Wednesday-Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.), CSA and the Brambleton Farmers’ Market.            

11985 Rolling Hills Lane

Lovettsville, VA 20180-2518


At Willow Hawk Farm, we take pride in our holistic
slow-food approach. We raise our lambs on open pasture without chemical pesticides, herbicides or feed containing antibiotics. Beyond our passion for quality food, our respect for the gifts of each animal extends our offerings to a variety of wool products, sheepskins and occasional batches of sheep tallow soap or candles. Eggs from our free-range hens also are available in limited quantities.

39069 Fry Farm Road

Lovettsville, Virginia


Zion Farm is a family owned and run farm. We strive to leave this farm better than we found it, aiming not only to be sustainable, but to create and regenerate abundance. We now specialize in pastured poultry and specialty microgreens, such as cilantro, arugula, red cabbage, Italian basil and more. Check out our store for more information about how to purchase our products.

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